Arsenal to be among first in Premier League to introduce new state-of-the-art technology to stadium

Gunners fans have been promised a ‘player’s eye view’ of key moments in matches thanks to a new partnership with multimedia giant Intel.

The club announced via its official website that it had entered into a “multi-year partnership”, which will see the US firm granted unrivalled access to Emirates Stadium to introduce its True View technology.

The footage captured will be included in live TV broadcasts and club media channels and will, the club says, afford fans the chance to watch 360-degree replays, and views from a players’ perspective as though they were in the game.

A spokesman for the club said: “Footage will be recorded from 38 5K Ultra HD cameras. Intel’s 360-degree replay technology freezes a moment in the game to let fans see the action from every angle, and fans will also be able to view key moments from the players’ perspective.

“It will also introduce features including laser wall, with the display of a virtual line that gives viewers a clear picture as to where players are positioned on the pitch. This also enables commentators to share a new level of insight into real time decisions and provide an entirely new perspective to fans.”

Peter Silverstone, the club’s commercial director, told the official website: “We are always looking to find new ways to bring our 780m fans and followers around the world closer to the action and this partnership will give our fans a whole new view of the game. Intel True View effectively allows a supporter to step into the boots of players and see the game from their perspective.

“We have seen the impact this Intel technology has had in other sports leagues across the world and are excited that it will be installed at Emirates Stadium.”

The club will be the first in the Premier League to introduce the technology, though there was no confirmation as to when the new footage would begin being aired.

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