Daniel Ek ‘set to make fresh offer for Arsenal’ but don’t get excited just yet…

Swedish billionaire Daniel Ek is reportedly set to lodge a fresh bid to buy Arsenal from the Kroenke’s (Mail Online).

An initial bid submitted to Stan and Josh in May, rumoured to be worth about £1.8billion, was rebuffed so the Spotify founder – said to be determined to push through a deal – is returning with an offer of more than £2billion.

Given that Ek’s initial offer was met with a terse ‘we don’t need the money’, you have to wonder what difference another £300million would make to the Kroenkes, a family already worth countless billions through its marital links to the WalMart empire.

Everything and everyone has a price, of course, but what’s another few hundred million to the sort of people who have so much money that the concept is now essentially abstract?

The only plausible conclusion is that Ek has been tipped a wink from somewhere, otherwise why bother? Perhaps in the wake of his first bid, the Swede was informed that £1.8billion wasn’t going to cut it but something north of £2billion might start to turn heads. After all, how often is the opening offer ever accepted?

Perhaps this is also a sign that the lines of communication between the Kroenkes and Ek’s camp remained open in the wake of the first bid but then, given everything we know about Silent Stan, this news is incredibly unlikely to have leaked out if some sort of official negotiation was taking place. Much more likely is it that someone connected to Ek, or his triumvirate of Arsenal legends, has revealed the details in order to increase the pressure on the Kroenkes.

If the latter of those scenarios is correct, I suspect this second bid will be met with much the same bemusement as the first. Silent Stan is not for turning and, I guess, won’t take kindly to how this mini-drama is being played out in public.

This is all to say, don’t get excited just yet. Whether Ek can be convinced to up his offer yet further and really start to make the KSE think remains to be seen but, for now, expect to see more action in the papers than in the boardroom.

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